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‘When Sadhana Becomes Successful

September 15, 2017

‘ When Sadhana Becomes Successful ‘ Question: After years of doing sadhana, I still feel I might not be getting anywhere. What to do ? Sadhguru: It doesn’t matter how many years of sadhana you do, you will not get…  Đọc tiếp

To Blessed to be stressed

September 15, 2017

To Blessed to be stressed … Thank You God for giving me another day …As I go about this Beautiful Day before me please remind me to stay positive and be a Blessing to others …Happy Saturday Everyone !!!..Thank God…  Đọc tiếp

Blessed and Thankful !!

September 15, 2017

Blessed and Thankful !! .. Thank You Lord for another day…Today is a beautiful day…I wont let it get away from me …I will search for the positive things and erase all the negative thoughts …Happy Wednesday Everyone !!! Thank…  Đọc tiếp